Tsilaosa Hotel & Spa - 21, Rue du Père Boiteau, CILAOS - 02 62 37 39 39


Local specialties that will delight your taste buds! At Tsilaosa Hotel & Spa, variety and quality come together – from breakfast to dinner – to satisfy any food lover.

Breakfast is served as a complete continental buffet from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Room service is also available.

Feeling peckish at teatime? The Tea Room offers a special session for home baking enthusiasts from 3:00 pm onward. Indulge in a gourmet break, sampling our famous crepes, waffles and other local products.

For lunch and dinner, enjoy a unique dining experience at our partner restaurant “Chez Noé”.

It is the perfect opportunity to try traditional Creole dishes and discover new recipes using the Cilaos lentils, savored by the local population.

Guests may also request for wine or champagne, which will be served in their room to help relax at Tsilaosa. Once again, the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to discover the flavors of the Cilaos wines produced in the village.

A unique gourmet experience!